About us


Verdes build  construction company with highly qualified specialists
Our company since 2007. is mainly developed in the field of monolithic reinforced onstruction - residential, iand industrial buildings.

The company is rated by the Commission at the CPR of the Construction Chamber as meeting all requirements and is entered in the central professional register of the builder.

VERDES BUILD adheres to the highest standards and requirements of modern construction, has the necessary human and technical resources and is authorized to execute all high-rise buildings, public buildings and facilities, as well as their associated infrastructure. The company employs skilled workers, technicians and executives, in a united team that creates a quality end product that meets the needs of its customers.

The main aim of VERDES BUILD is to meet all conditions of modern construction. 

The company's management relies on a team of experienced engineers and specialists as well as a rigorous quality management and safety management system.

The company is constantly monitoring the development of the market and strive to meet the high requirements of its customers.

Why choose us

VERDES BUILD is a leader in the construction of buildings and structures.

We have completed a large number of residential and industrial buildings, both in Sofia and throughout the country.

Our team has  highly qualified specialists and  management, as well as in the organization of technical management and construction production. Our well-trained experts follow the work process in all its stages and check for the correct implementation of the project, within the agreed deadlines. VERDES BUILD always works according to the established standards and current building technologies for residential construction.

The years of hard work and the pursuit of absolute professionalism are our key advantages over our competitors. We are a reliable partner who can be trusted to fulfill his obligations correctly and effectively.

How we work

In our activity, we follow the policy of continuous improvement of the quality of the offered services, because we believe that quality should be the leading criteria for choosing a contractor.

We can work with client projects at a stage and in a format tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Specialists and builders with high qualification and proven professional experience work on the implementation. In construction and repair, we use modern materials and technologies, a guarantee for the high quality of our products and services.

Our goals

Our goal is to maintain high competitiveness through the use of new technologies, search for the most rational quality - price ratio, compliance with all standards, technical rules and regulations, use of high-performance mechanization. We strive to execute the projects as soon as possible, while maintaining the level of our high quality work.

Our main goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on honesty and mutual trust