Строителсто на къщи

VERDES BUILD is a construction company with experience and traditions in home construction. Single-family  houses are an integral part of the Bulgarian lifestyle, which is why their construction is an important part of the activity of the construction company VERDES BUILD

VERDES BUILD is working hard on new directions for the construction of green houses and energy-saving homes.

The team of the construction company is trained and familiar with the standards for the construction of houses and single-family homes, guaranteeing the comfort and energy independence of their users.

We have been developing and refining our business since 2007, and during this period we have built a number of sites. Single-family houses characterize the owners according to the client's request and that is why we attach importance to every detail that needs to be solved and tailored to our clients' senses. and selected specialists and united staff united in the idea of ​​quality and correct implementation